2018 Plant Based Challenge Closed 4th November

What's the Plant Based Challenge?

This October, join Little Bird Organics in their second year of the Plant Based Challenge for the chance to win over $5000Challenge yourself to create an entirely plant-based meal, and experience just how good plants can taste, and how amazing they can make you feel!
Megan May (founder - Little Bird Organics)


The Little Bird Organics Plant Based Challenge is about showing the nation how easy, delicious and accessible plant-based food can be. We want to inspire Kiwis to make better food choices, and add more veggies to their plate!

As a nation, our health statistics are not in good shape. There is so much research out there now about how incorporating more vegetables into your diet, and eating more plant-based meals can have a profound effect on your health. With the Little Bird Organics Plant-Based Challenge, we want to show people that taking their health into their own hands doesn’t mean giving up all the things they love, but instead involves a mind shift, and a little adjustment. We want to show you that you won’t need to eat “rabbit food” for the rest of your life, but that plant-based food can be just as fun, exciting and delicious!

Eating a more plant-based diet isn’t just about our own health, it also reduces our impact on the environment, which supports all of us. Environmental destruction is happening at a rate that is far from sustainable, and being more aware of our consumer choices and consumption habits by choosing to eat less meat and dairy products, and more plants is the best way to individually make small changes, which all collectively amount to a much larger impact - we want to create a happier, healthier world for everyone.

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