the Chefs


We challenged four of the most influential celebrity chefs and cooks in New Zealand to create a plant-based, wholefoods dish. Each dish will be featured on the menu at our Unbakery Cafe throughout September. You can also find the recipes (as they are added throughout September) here or in Bite Magazine during September.

“Although they’re not strictly plant-based like us, we’re all collectively working towards the common goal of creating a healthier New Zealand. Through My Food Bag, Nadia Lim has helped get kiwis cooking in the kitchen, making their own meals from scratch, while Michael Meredith has helped tackle childhood poverty, providing wholesome, real food to kiwi kids in need through Eat My Lunch. Both Simon Wright and Jordan Rondel emphasise the use of only real, wholesome ingredients to create astounding food - and so although we’re all doing different things in the food industry, we’re all collectively working towards helping kiwis make more informed choices around the food they eat”
shares Megan May, founder of Little Bird Organics.

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