2018 Plant Based Challenge Closed 4th November

Little Bird Goodness

Little Bird Goodness is a culmination of Megan’s life-long experience and passion for creating high quality, artisan foods. It is a collection of 130 recipes broken into delicious drinks, yummy breakfasts, healthy snacks, vibrant salads, wholesome meals, delectable sweets and must-have basics.

While her first book The Unbakery was entirely raw, Little Bird Goodness is a collection of both raw and cooked plant-based dishes, containing recipes which are much easier, simpler and appealing to everyone, as well as a few more complex dishes for those that are a little more experienced in plant-based cuisine, or feeling up for a challenge.

“Unlike my first book which was entirely raw, I wanted to create recipes that were accessible to both those new to a raw plant-based diet, as well as ones to inspire those already experienced with new ideas,” shares Megan. All of the recipes are suitable for those on a plant-based, gluten-free, dairy-free and wholefoods diet. “The purpose of the book is to share recipes that I hope will inspire people to eat more plants, I want people to find recipes that excite them, making them want to get creative in the kitchen and eat more veggies!”
shares Megan May, founder of Little Bird Organics.

Purchase your copy of Little Bird Goodness online now, or find it in bookstores and selected food stores nationwide from 1 September.

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